Wednesday, October 17, 2007


some tips that i have learn

1) Timing in animation
* how long a move takes to get from A to B

2) Spacing in animation
* how you space ( spread out or bunch together ) the movement with
in a given timing

3) Phrasing in animation
* how you arrange the moves to built a point emphasis in the scene
for example --- fast fast fast slow or slow slow slow fast fast

4) Key poses in animation
* define the character , performace , energy, and emotion of the scene

5) Break downs in animation
* It defines additonal details to the motion
A-----------Break down----------B
I try to check my break downs have " favouring , overlap, arcs , anitcpation

to have perfect motion i use secoundary break downs to properly
interpolate my scene
I try to check my secoundary break downs have small anitcpation, settle,
overlap etc..

Thats it for now .
i really like to thanks a million to amrit derhgawen for teaching me .

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